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A missive on gun control, common sense and responsibility

I don’t usually comment on these sorts of things, at least not publicly because of all the controversy and other crap that comes along with it, but I saw a thread posted by a friend of mine about the most recent school shooting in the US. I read the subsequent debate that followed, and I couldn’t help but feel that it seems like when tragedies do occur people in general like to jump to conclusions without really stepping back and thinking through the issues that lead to the tragedy. And in reality, in all of these incidents, I think the issues are FAR more complicated than guns, or mentally unstable people, or whatever else might be the scapegoat the hour, day, week, etc.

I see, when I hear about these incidents, true tragedy – I can’t imagine the loss of one of my children at the hands of another. I can sense what that must feel like, but of course until that happens to you, it’s only the idea or kernel of what it would be like. And I certainly wouldn’t wish it upon anyone in this world. It saddens me to hear about another situation that may have been preventable, may have been mitigated and the “if only” thoughts that go through your head. If only I had seen the signs…

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