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Setup a Raspberry Pi as a Web and Database Server

Late last year (2012) I ordered and received a couple of Raspberry Pi (Model B with 256MB RAM) from Element14.  As part of that order, I also ordered preloaded 4GB SD cards with the linux distro already on them.  When I got them I was really excited to get started with them but for reasons beyond my control, I’ve been too busy to really play around with them much.

Lately however I’ve had more time to pursue some home automation, integration and generally geeky projects that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  Most of the home automation work I’ve done so far is with Z-Wave based controllers and devices (mostly light switches, but also thermostats and door locks), and while doing research on compatibility and other such things, I saw several mentions of OpenSprinkler for tying sprinkler automation into their systems.  So I decided to check it out and ended up buying one of the OpenSprinkler Pi boards from Ray’s Hobby.

While I was waiting for my board to ship, I thought it might be a good idea to figure out what needed to be done to prep one of my Raspberry Pi boards to build the sprinkler controller.  I found a nice article on wikiHow which details the process of getting the Raspberry Pi updated and getting the system configured for SSH and as a web/database server.  There are several similar articles I found with steps to update the OS.  Borrowing from the wikiHow article, I ran through the following process and made notes along the way.

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