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Upgrading My MacBook Pro Hard Drive to SSD


I’ve been wanting to upgrade the hard drive in my MacBook Pro for a while now.  I bought it in 2010 (it’s a Mid-2010 year MBP – 15″ with the Core i7 2.66ghz processor in it).  It’s a great machine, and overall, it has been nice to use.  However the one pain point that got to me time and again was how long it took to boot it up and run applications.  I had already upgraded the RAM, seeing as how RAM is so cheap these days (though I was remiss to find out my MBP only supports 8GB) so the next logical upgrade is the drive. With prices on SSDs coming down so drastically over the years, and with speeds of 300MB+ per second read and write (and easily 500MB+ in the latest generation), it’s a chance to drastically improve the performance of any system.