Reinventing my blog space and putting more answers at your fingertips

Reading through my previous posts, I realize this place has nothing much to offer folks passing through from the far reaches of the Internet. I’ve neglected my duty to post more content over the past several years primarily because I’ve been focusing on trading hours for dollars. I’ve also been keenly focused on the ratio that we all know as the work-life balance.  I’ve come to this juncture, a place where I’ve been before, and realize that I could be utilizing all this great technology to my (and possibly your) advantage by putting more relevant, useful information here.

It’s a shame really. The net is chock full of information that actually is useful. I should know as I’m an avid (ab)user of the informational component of the Internet. I probably Google at least a dozen times a day for things I’m interested in, from mindless browsing to things that make my life (and job) easier. Through all the browsing and hunting I’ve come to realize that the one thing I might be able to do here is to put useful information at not only my fingertips, but within reach of others as well.

You see, since 1997 I’ve worked for hire on many different projects, from contract software development to helping companies improve their site visibility in search engine results. I’ve fixed numerous computer hardware and software problems, and helped many friends, family and other acquaintances fulfill their computational needs through better computing. I’m certainly no computer god but I truly do enjoy working with technology in the hopes that it can and will make our lives better.

In that time I’ve spent countless hours, nay, days wading through sites full of junk just to get what I want: an answer. Things such as, why does my ATI Radeon X800XL display “No Signal” when I try to use the VIVO feature to watch TV through a cablebox? Or, how do I convert text output in VB6 from ANSI/ASCII character sets (UTF-16?) to UTF-8 so I can preserve non-English characters during file export? It hit me during my last adventure to figure out which motherboard is likely the best bet for an Intel Core 2 Duo: wouldn’t it be great if I could find this info somewhere that makes it simple and easy to get the answers? I mean the real answer, not just a bunch of conjecture and supposition.

So here I am with bandwidth so plentiful that I hardly scratch the surface of it, and I’m basically letting my site sit here and waste away. Why don’t I just start putting all that great info I find here in one spot so I can point friends, family and other technically afflicted folks to it for quick and simple answers? That MIGHT make this thing more useful! You think?

While this may be a great intention, I will attempt to hold true to my desire to make this place useful. My greatest hope is that over time I will be able to add insight and wisdom, technical bits and pieces and anything else I might come across that someone, somewhere, might find useful. While I am a software engineer by trade, I consider myself to be a jack of all trades and this means I come across solutions for problems across several different domains.  I’ve also had my fair share of fun with things outside software engineering and you just might find posts as evidence of this claim.

Here’s to making a contribution that might be useful to someone, and participating in the global mind share that is the Internet.

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