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How to replace your Motorola RAZR LCD screen

I recently upgraded from the Motorola RAZR V3 to a SLVR L7. I’ve never been a fan of “flip-phones” but I did enjoy my time with the RAZR. It is a good looking addition to any geek’s gadget collection. When the SLVR came out I just about fell in love. Then of course they came out with Q and I was lusting once again…

Anyway, to make a long story short I “gifted” my RAZR to someone I knew to replace a Samsung E317. This person liked the RAZR and soon after started getting the ringtones they could never download with their old E317. Now after years of excellent service in my hands, soon after, the screen on this thing was toast. Let’s just say you shouldn’t clamshell these babies over your beltloop and expect it to last when it gets booty bumped by a rather hefty ass.

Broken RAZR LCD Screen

I thought it was a goner. I mean look at it – that’s a neat fractal pattern there on the screen but its otherwise fairly useless without the big screen. You could dial if you knew what you were doing (and indeed the phone did otherwise work). I asked a friend if he could find someone to fix or sell it and he confirmed my supposition that it might just be more than it’s worth. Case closed, right?  Nope!

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How to upgrade your laptop hard drive

So there you are with your kick ass laptop and you’ve become totally addicted to it. You and your laptop are inseparable. You’ve used it for everything from browsing the web to downloading and listening to music. But the hard drive is full – what to do now? Don’t delete your favorite Aerosmith tracks, upgrade your hard drive!

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