Good Morning Starshine!

I admit that I have imagined the existence of my own web page for quite some time (since 1995 to be exact). You might say it is an incredible irony that a person who builds web applications for a living might take such an extraordinarily long time to get a presence of his own established. Well I’d agree with you! Nevertheless there is no such thing as a bad time to pursue your dreams, your imaginations.

So here I am, putting myself out here for the world to see. I hold no notion that the life I lead is particularly interesting or that you are even here because you thought it was. This “place” is actually a little something more for me. Somewhere I can go to dump the sometimes frenetic train of thought that flows through my brain nearly every waking hour of my life. Call it my therapy.

However helpful it may be for me I retain some glimmer of hope that someone, somewhere, might find some of the crap I put together here useful to them. Maybe you�ll find my ranting and raving therapy for yourself. Maybe you�ll find the answer to the question that almost led you to the roof of the office building. Either way I welcome you to the weird and wired world I call my own.

– Ryan, October 26, 2005

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